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Jan 27, 2010 4:30am EST
health care through. although washington is divided on many issues, it's the economy driving public accident timp. now nbc news/wall street journal poll is breaking down exactl where americans stand. chuck todd has a look at the numbers. >> reporter: with the state of the union looming, president obama faces a very skeptical public. 58% believe the country is off on the wrong track, the highest number since mr. obama took office. it's not just about him, it's about all of official washington. 70% believe the federal government is not working well, compared to just 28% who believe it's healthy and in need of just small reforms. it's a more negative view on government than even during the disputed election. but our responders don't agree on the ability to find solution to the country's most pressing problems. 48% blame republicans in congress. 41% blame democrats in congress. this disapproval has not been lost on the president, who since his massachusetts defeat has been trying to recapture his campaign message of change. >> there are nice people in washington, but it can drive you cr
Jan 19, 2010 5:00am EST
really come out in full force to help haiti. the greater washington haiti relief committee has received thousands and thousands of boxes full of supplies, now the problem is getting those supplies to the island and that's proving to be be a logistical nightmare. 4-year-old elaine campbell has seen the devastation in haiti on tv and had the same reaction as most of us. >> she was watching the earthquake in haiti and she was thinking about it and wants to donate her toys and clothes. >> reporter: she is one of the people who sorted through thousands of bags and boxes bound for haiti at a dc warehouse. >> this is something we need to do. this is a day of giving back to the community dr. martin luther king's birthday. what a better place to be. >> reporter: there's blankets, bottled water, clothes, medicine. they have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of donation but the trouble now is getting supplies to a country whose infrastructure has been ravaged by the earthquake. >> we are reaching out to companies like federal express, this is what they do. , u.p.s., fedex, we need your help. >>
Jan 28, 2010 4:00pm EST
bickering in washington d.c. >> i want the republicans off the sidelines. >> reporter: the gop says it is the president who needs to change his attitude. >> there was noing in the speech to indicate there was any willingness to sit down and work together. >> reporter: republicans insist they are willing to sit down and talk with democrats. they invited the president to the meeting on friday. in washington d.c., joel brown, wjx eyewitness news. >> some of that $8 billion in high speed rail money is coming to maryland. see what it will be used for at 5:00 on wjx. >>> tomorrow, the -- wjz. >>> tomorrow, the president will be in baltimore. the stop is in addition to president barack obama's previously announced appearance before house republicanning who are holding a retreat in an inner harbor hotel. this visit will bring lots of change to the city traffic. coverage starts with sharon gibala in traffic control. >>> the downtown area is a place you want to avoid if at all possible. we have some road closures that will number effect in the vicinity of lumbard and gay. this is between 11:
Jan 4, 2010 3:00pm EST
, everybody, happy new year, tamron. i'm live in washington. >> good to see you. i'm tamron hall live in new york. big picture at this hour, counter-terrorism officials have now added dozens of people onto that terror watch list and no-fly list after reviewing a massive government database of suspected terrorists. more than 500,000 names are currently in the database as nbc news first reported, the government checked thousands of names in the system after the christmas day bombing attempt aboard a detroit-bound northwest airlines jet. attempted bombing suspect umar abdulmutallab was in the data, but key point not on the no-fly list. >>> new rules went into effect for travelers flying to the united states from overseas. all passengers from or traveling through 14 countries considered high-risk are to receive full body patdowns and have their carry-on luggage opened and inspected. let's bring in tom costello. the new rules took into effect today. you were detailing how intense the security was, even yourself patted down head to toe. >> i was coming in from brussels, not on the list of countrie
Jan 29, 2010 8:00pm EST
. unfortunately, i cannot control what comes out of washington. it is having an impact right now on our markets, and the only thing, the question, gary, at the top of the show said this, do you think the highs are in for the year? i do not believe they are. that's why i continue to fight on. i continue to believe in the positions that have good fundamental stories, good earnings, and i try and navigate around that. >> the things that are not under our control, rhetoric is one, sovereign risk is another. that has reared its ugly head today with the spreads. bonds not doing well. this is the other thing we're worried about. >> i think that's why markets are selling going into the weekend. there's a lot of news that could come out over the weekend. i think we may get something supportive over the weekend. you talk about the concerns we have over china. people are concerned the chinese bank lending is getting to a point where there may be npls. i don't think china has a credit problem, but you add the issues in the united states. i think this is about the dollar. today's data in the states was fant
Jan 29, 2010 7:00pm EST
. darren gersh, "nightly business report", washington. >> tom: here are the stories in tonight's "nbr newswheel". so much for wall street's early gains on that strong g.d.p. number. stocks turned south at midday on worries the pace of economic growth can't stay that high. commodity and tech stocks were hit hard. the dow fell 53 points, the nasdaq dropped 31, and the s&p 500 was down ten. a closer look coming up in "market focus". toyota says a fix is coming soon. next week, the automaker plans to tell millions of customers how it will fix their gas pedals. the associated press reports toyota is shipping new gas pedal assemblies to its plants to get production rolling again. honda, the other big japanese carmaker, is recalling the honda fit for a potential fire hazard. nearly 650,000 of the compact cars are at risk around the world. the motor on the power windows could overheat and catch fire. and tesla motors, a boutique maker of electric sportscars, wants to go mainstream. late today it filed for a $100 million initial public offering. it will use the money to develop its brand. >> s
Jan 25, 2010 11:00pm EST
. because what occurred in washington was obviously much more powerful than any of the earnings report, any of the revenue reports, anything wall street threw at us. boy did we get serious good quarters in almost every sector last week. and they were still overwhelmed by the negativity. >> dive, dive, dive. >> all right, there's some important lessons here. first, when everyone thinks the world is coming to an end, it tends not to end. we feared the worst, right? we feared the worst. you know what, when we fear that we rarely get the worst. >> house of pleasure. >> but i want to be clear on this. a nixing of ben bernanke would have caused at least a thousand-point decline. he's regarded basically as the only adult in the room. the guy who may have started late to solve the banking crisis but did keep the system working kept your atm on the move. prevented imminent bank nationalization. i think it's safe to say we would be several thousand points lower than we are if not half if he hadn't stopped the move to nationalize the banks. second, this is the real travesty. until last week america th
Jan 21, 2010 3:00pm EST
since they've been largely vilified by washington. goldman, of course, down rather notably. take a look at the chicago mercantile exchange, the cme, less trading activity when the president's proposals went through. lifting off of its lows on representative frank's comments. material stocks down just as much here today, 4%, 5%, 6% here. freeport-mcmoran i hope that you saw erin burnett's interview with the head of freeport-mcmoran. good flooz them. talked about lower gold, copper production this year and china tightening their monetary policy, or talk about that has certainly been affecting them in the last few days. finally, get back to earnings in the last 24 hours or at least hopefully. how about our parent company, general electric. talk to all of my friends, the nasdaq and rick santelli at the cme and first mike huckman standing by at the nasdaq. >> thanks, bob. yes the nasdaq is down 21 points but a little bit of a flip here at the nasdaq because yesterday it was the biggest percentage loser among the dow and the s&p 500. and today it's these the smallest percentage loser. of cour
Jan 23, 2010 7:00am EST
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Jan 26, 2010 12:00pm EST
on the nation's budget deficit. our chief washington correspondent john harwood has the details. john, so take us through it. the deficit numbers are really shocking. >> well, they're shocking. they're slightly less shocking than they were before the omb came up with this number. we have a $1.3 trillion deficit forecast for 2010. a little over 9% of gdp that is smaller than the 1.4 trillion last year in the earlier omb estimate and the key word for the obama administration today is freeze. the president's aides put out the word in an embargo briefing that the president would propose a three-year freeze on domestic discretionary program that did not inrovolve security. not the home lann security department. this would affect 17% of the federal budget. a very limited scope and it would save $250 billion over ten years. just $10 billion or $15 billion is the difficult balancing act. the president will also talk about in the state of the union about the bipartisan commission that's been talked about on capitol hill, but at the same time he's pushing new jobs, legislation and that's going to be a f
Jan 29, 2010 5:00pm EST
in the technology story. unfortunately right now i cannot control what comes out of washington. it is having an impact right now on our markets, and the only thing, the question, gary, at the top of the show said this, do you think the highs are in for the year? i do not believe they are. that's why i continue to fight on. i continue to believe in the positions that have good fundamental stories, good earnings, and i try to navigate around that. >> joe makes a good point. think things not under our control. greek bonds blowing out. this is the other thing we're worrying about. think that's why the markets are selling. there's a lot of news that could happen over the weekend. i think we could get something supportive of greece this weekend but when you talk about concerns over china, people are thinking there may be a point of mpls. i don't think china has a credit problem. you know, ultimately -- i think this is about the dollar. today's data in the states was fantastic. all three, you know, announcements this morning, gdp, consumer confidence, china pmi were all very bullish, and that to me
Jan 29, 2010 3:00pm EST
republicans. the president says americans want washington to focus on jobs not bipartisan bickering. the gop claims they have the answer and hand delivered them to the president. 37 minutes, that's all it took for a jury to convict a man who said he killed a prominent abortion provider in order to save the lives of unborn children. we'll take you live to the courthouse in kansas. >>> james o'keefe issued a lengthy statement about his arrest at a senator mary landrieu's office. we'll have that and the reaction from the federal prosecutors considering a grand jury indictment. >>> a ufo sighting in ireland. is this the video that could prove it? we'll talk to one expert that believes it could be true and has been investigating ufos for years. the big picture starts now. >>> good evening, i'm david shuster. my colleague tamron hall is off today. during a confrontation live here on msnbc news, president obama addressed house republicans at their retreat and then took a series of questions aimed squarely at his agenda. the president made his case for health care once again by calling out the repub
Jan 12, 2010 7:00pm EST
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Jan 22, 2010 4:00pm EST
and a fear about what is going on in washington. that is adding to investors saying, you know what i will just take my money off the table, particularly when it comes to those financials as you saw bob pisani discussing. >> yeah, and i would agree with you, david. yeah, look at this triple whami this week. china, bernanke and the banks. and remember, david, as you well know, people stopped shorting in the middle of last year, because they got killed trying to short because every time they tried, they got snuffed. now they can smell with this kind of rise in uncertainty earnings you could see that in the vix today, that it may be worthwhile, david, for them to throw in a few more bucks to shorting the market. a very rational thing for traders to think right now. >> david, bob, tyler. we've got steve liesman ready now. he's been at the center of the bernanke story weeks now. the latest details on bernanke's future, you've been working the phones there, as far as senators and what they're going to do regarding bernanke. what do you know, steve? >> reporter: maria, me and a very capable
Jan 13, 2010 6:00am EST
>>> good morning. washington wants the white house, taking credit for the creation of 2 million jobs and preparing to announce t.a.r.p. fees. >>> china challenges, google threatens to pull out of the country and the u.s. equities at this hour, under a bit of appreciate dwrur and around the flat line as "squawk box" begins right now. >> good wednesday morning. welcome to squawk here on cnbc. i'm carl quintanilla along with joe kernen and carl quintanilla. i want to get to this morning's headlines. the white house says emergency spending measures last year saved up to 2 million jobs. harwood will join us in a few minutes with the latest on that. a senior administration officials says the president will announce plans tomorrow to raise up to $120 billion for fees on major financial firms. society generale issuing a mrovt warning today. the bank hit by new write-downs to the tune of 2 billion from risky assets. we will head overseas for reaction in a few minutes. >>> and a major earthquake hit haiti. and google, you saw this, threatening to leave china. the tech giant warns it will
Jan 13, 2010 7:00pm EST
. as darren gersh reports, the bankers face angry americans and pressure from washington. >> reporter: after bailing out the bankers in 2008 and 2009, washington is beginning 2010 by attacking them. phil angelides, the chairman of the crisis commission, tried to pin down the c.e.o.s of the nation's big banks, holding them responsible for their actions in the financial meltdown. beginning with a goldman sachs strategy of betting against mortgage securities it was selling to clients. that touched off a spirited exchange. >> it sounds little bit to me like selling a car with faulty brakes and then buying an insurance policy on the buyers of those cars. it just doesn't seem to me that is a practice that inspires confidence. >> every purchaser of an asset here is an institution probably professional only investors dedicated to this business. >> representing pension funds who have the life savings of police officers, teachers. >> these are the professional investors who want this exposure. >> reporter: blankfein argued wall street was mostly a middle man helping to package and sell securities that
Jan 5, 2010 7:00am EST
around the region. 28-degree in washington. 26 in baltimore. dulles at 27 degrees. winchester, 4 and at ocean city, it is 26 degrees. your forecast for today looks like this. you will see a mix of clouds and sun. i think mostly clouds i'm few flurries possible through the course of the day. highs in the mid 0s. let's get to julie wright to get an update on traffic. >> we'll check out the ride courtesy of the crew in sky fox. the beltway is not looking so bad. for those traveling off of northbound i-95, you are definitely slow as you work your way northbound leaving potomac mills headed out towards route one. you will find more slow traffic as you work your way out of newington headed up to the springfield interchange. traffic headed northbound slowing out of springfield north of 644 continuing across the beltway and out towards edsall road and up towards duke street. this is pretty typical for your morning commute. below speed headed out towards landmark and the traffic slows again crossing the 14th street bridge headed out towards the exits for the southeast- southwest freeway.
Jan 8, 2010 6:00am EST
. the washington, d.c. area, you can imagine with all the government jobs being created and the companies serving the government has been a very strong job market. >> yeah. the journal this morning, rents in d.c. are now topping rents in new york, which is sort of a sad twist but says a lot about our economy. quick question on the mobility thing. i saw numbers yesterday about how the inability to sell your house is hampering people's ability to take a job, even if they get one, right? >> absolutely. in the beginning of 2009 when we were losing so many jobs and the housing market was terrible, we saw circumstances where people just couldn't relocate. they couldn't get out of the house they were in to relocate. that's improved substantially. people are in a better position now to get out of the homes they're in and to relocate. there are certainly still parts of the country where that is still a very difficult prop sig. but as a systemic issue, that's improved through the end of 2009. >> is it your gut that we will see perhaps another negative jobs number in the months to come? >> you know, i don't
Jan 25, 2010 6:00am EST
will continue and the focus will continue out of washington, as well. you've got bernanke confirmation hearings expected. state of the union comes up tonight. right now, krooul crude oil up by 70.82. this is a survey among analysts. they are looking for the average oil price for 2010 to be 77.50 a barrel. this morning, yields are a little higher, 3.632%. and the dollar was up for the week last week, at least when you were looking against the euro. it was up by 1.7%. right now, it's down across the board. you're talking about the euro right now at 1.4189 and the yen at 90.24. gold prices, let's get a check on that, as well. gold saw pressure last week as we worried about some of those, the legislation coming out of washington. commodities across the board this morning, gold prices are backçó up by $14 to $1,103.70 a ounce. let's go to the overseas market right now. christine tan is in singapore. we're going to start things off in london with carolina. >> hi, becky. good morning. european shares were trading lower earlier today. but now we are seeing a partial recovery in banks in mining, which
Jan 25, 2010 5:00pm EST
. there's no correlation between what's coming out of washington and the technology fundamental story itself. it's a space you want to stay in. qualcomm is going to work, too, in this environment. that's what you want to focus on right now. >> the chatter for emc slash vmware is that somebody will come along, somebody with deep pockets will come along and snap up emc. >> that's a significant deal in any economy. i'm not saying it can't be done. i would be interested to see if it does get done. cisco clearly has the muscle behind them to do something like that. i'm not so sure it happens. joe likes emc. that's been a name we talked about. great call on that. bmware should help emc. back to names that work regardless of what's going on. yes, they go down. but overall those are names you still want to be in. >> 2010, it could be it. we are, of course, checking t i chart on apple. apple trading at the lows of the after hour session. let's check in with dr. jay on that conference call just moments ago. not anymore. but this is a very volatile tape. what are you hearing? >> reporter: they d
Jan 20, 2010 4:30am EST
, not understanding the everyday concerns of voters who were angry about things going on in washington, not being able to blunt the momentum of scott brown, a little-known republican who has now become the insurgent candidate who will succeed kennedy. coakley is the attorney general here in massachusetts and will go back to that job but said she was heartbroken in defeat. defended what she did on the campaign trail saying she worked passionately and hard. she acknowledged all of her supporters, thanked the kennedy family, and reminded everyone that president obama had put his credibility on the line here trying to help her in a last-minute campaign visit, but that was not enough for martha coakley. back to you, lynn. >>> despite that loss, the white house says president obama will continue pushing his health care overhaul as it shows slipping support among the american public. according to an nbc news/wall street journal poll, 48% approve of the job president obama is doing in office. 43% disapprove. 54% sayhey believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. just 34% think we're on the right tra
Jan 29, 2010 5:00am EST
you about it. >>> this morning marks the end of an era on washington air waves. today is donny simpson's last day on wpgc. kristin fisher is live at the studio with more. >> reporter: good morning. well, after a 32-year run on washington's air waves donny simpson will be signing off. i'm told he typically gets in here at 6:00 a.m. hopefully we will be able to chat with him then. but first look back at his long career in this industry. now, he got his start at the age of just 15 in his hometown of detroit. after eight years on the air there he moved to washington, d.c. in 1977 where he hosted a morning show and served as program director for 15 years. in 19993 he made the jump to wpgc and has been their signature morning personality ever since. he is best known as a deejay but dappled in -- dabbled in tv. he was the host of video soul. and he has appeared on sit comes like martin, the jamie foxx and arisennial hall show. so far he has not said what his plans are when the signs off here this morning, but there is definitely a chance he could reappear on the washington area waives sometim
Jan 7, 2010 4:00pm EST
you like to see coming out of washington that's different than what we currently see? i mean, where are the main problems, in terms, you mentioned immigration, in terms of trade. tell me what would be important to really change that. >> pass the free trade bills, columbia, panama, korea. get ready of the -- provision. allow the best and the brightest to come here. they come to our universities. let them stay if they get a degree, especially an advanced one. relook at this health care bill. it kills innovation. it's an innovation killer. we are the most innovative health care provider? the world. >> why is the innovation killer the health care bill, gary? >> it hists everything from specialist to generalists. discourages. does everything wrong, frankly. we don't want to get rid of the best doctors and the best health care here. >> you make really important points here. >> in terms of other things that we could do the huge deficit -- huge tax increases. tax increases hurt invasion. >> that was really the worry. what i was talking about. take me through where the innovation and the exc
Jan 22, 2010 3:00pm EST
the overhang the banks and the new proposals coming out of washington. >> particularly yesterday, obama's address yesterday. you have got the responsibility fee. you've got the proposal to split the capital markets business from the lending part of the business. what are your thoughts on that? >> to me, it seems kind of coincidental that it came right arch scott brown's victory. it seems highly political in my eyes. >> you think it was just a distraction on the administration's part? my think so. >> to get the health care conversation off of the table? >> yeah and i don't think this will be easy to pass this in the legislation and out in congress. it's out on the table. it's certainly not helped the market. six days ago, you and i stood here the dow was 10722, we said this is the top right here. >> you did say that. >> and it's down 400, 500 points. >> good call, good call. what do you think, anthony? >> well, i think the right thing do is to go back to glass-steagall. what they're trying to do now is a derivative into that and tapping into a populist sentiment. they very negative thing
Jan 29, 2010 12:00pm EST
in baltimore. cnbc chief washington correspondent john harwood, give us the lowdown, john. >> reporter: dennis, the president's trying to follow through on the outreach to republicans he had in the state of the union address. now, i think in all candor, we have to say that neither side expects very much to come from this. because there's big philosophic disagreements. the president did not get support from republicans on the stimulus plan. he's got a big ambitious agenda. here's one reason why the president has a strong hand, though, in that discussion as an individual leader. look at this -- these numbers from the new nbc wall street journal poll about who the public holds responsible for the lack of action in washington. 27% say president obama, 41% say congressional democrats, but most of all, 48% say congressional republicans. now -- >> that's more than 100%, doesn't it? >> reporter: no, no, that's -- each person is asked to give an assessment, and it's not -- no, it's not supposed to total up to 100%. >> let's listen in to the president. >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you. thank y
Jan 21, 2010 12:30am EST
lks grim. >> susie: tom, the day aft a big republican senatwin in massachuses, washington re- thin the push for a comprehensive overhaul. >> t: our coverage tonight begins with that sate health care bill. as darren gersh reports, eve democratic lawmars are pushing to slodown now that voters in e deepest of the blue states e seeing red. >> reporter:sked point blank if he would stick by the sate health carbill, senate majorityeader harry reid emed to blink. >> i am confidenthat health care is an iss in this country and we are going to everything we can tolleviate e pain and suffering of peop who cat afford health care and who want tmaintain what they ve. >> reporter: reid anpresident obama agreed they would noact until the man who signs autographs a"number 41" actually takes office. for s part, massachusetts senator-elect scott own, argues it is timto start over. >>t's just a question of whether we are going traise taxes, we're going to cut half a trillion from medicare, wee going to affect terans care. i think we can do better. >> rorter: in an interview with abc new the president s
Jan 21, 2010 7:00pm EST
. >> tom: the move hits financial stocks and the rest of the market. coming up, reaction from washington to wall street. you're watching "nightly business report" for thursday, january 21. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening everyone. president obama proposed today tough new rules on the nation's biggest banks, restricting their size and their activities. tom, he said the plan would limit quote "reckless risks". >> tom: susie, that announcement from the president in washington reverberated on wall street. investors dumped stocks; the dow tumbled 213 points and the nasdaq lost 25, putting both indices into negative territory for the year. >> susie: the core concern is that the obama plan forces banks to choose commercial banking or investment banking. they can't do both. washington bureau chief darren gersh explains. >> reporter: the president said he was naming his new banking rules afte
Jan 4, 2010 4:00pm EST
to the washington, d.c. area starting next year. it is searching for an appropriate location now maryland or in the virginia area around washington, d.c. northrup gruman got a new ceo on new years. he took over for ron sugar. and now the company says it will be moving its corporate headquarters to washington, d.c., where it spends much of its time already working with the defense department. a 30,000 northrup grumman employees work in california. most of them of course will stay here but bragging rights of vague corporate headquarters of a major company in los angeles leaving, one less here, mandy, one more for washington, d.c. back to you. >> okay, thanks very much for that breaking news there. jane wells. >>> it was a strong start of the year for stocks but can the upward momentum continue? joining us now, noah blackstein portfolio manager at dynamic funds. and managing partner at skybridge capital. gentlemen, thanks very much for your time. noah, what do you think? >> i think that it can continue. a lot is based on the earnings coming through, those earnings are based in the recovery i
Jan 13, 2010 3:00pm EST
to the comeback in financial, but really we first begin in washington, where really things are taking center stage as far as investors are concerned. a list of wall street big names from lloyd blankfein to jamie dimon, jay mack, brian moynihan, all of those facing lawmakers today to answer questions about the root of the financial crisis. what went wrong? take you right now to washington, cnbc's david faber is live after speaking with jamie dimon earlier. david, over to you. >> reporter: thanks, maria. yeah, an interesting day here in terms of panel one of the inquiry commission into the financial crisis and of course you just named the panelists that were on that panel. went about 2 1/2 hours or some. most of it taken up by questions for lloyd blankfein, the chairman and ceo of goldman sachs. but afterwards, i did have a chance to speak with jamie dimon and we talked about an issue of course is always on people's minds, namely, compensation, as we're right in the middle or about to commence i should say bonus season for most of the big wall street firms. and i asked dimmon whether or not people s
Jan 13, 2010 4:00pm EST
in washington. wrapping up interviews there, coming up. >>> a look at the day on wall street by moving into the financials as the day winds on. it had been close to 80 points. finishing the day at 10,681. s&p 500 picked up 9.5. and the nasdaq composite was strong. technology and leadership on the upside. up 25 points up on nasdaq. and now above 2,300 at 2,307. top story, some of wall street's biggest names on the hot seat on capitol hill in front of lawmakers look for answers to the recent financial crisis. cnbc's david faber has been manning the ship in washington. he has all of the highlights and the takeaways from today's key hearings. david, over to you. >> reporter: thanks, maria. today's first panel hearing in front of this inquiry commission, which will continue its work for the balance of 2010, did include some fireworks and some pointed questions from chairman, phil angelides. the first q&a was devoted solely to questions to blankfein. i asked angelides later. why the focus on goldman sachs and why the focus on some key transactions involving synthetic cdos? >> in 2004, the fb
Jan 20, 2010 11:00am EST
finances and diana ole sick in washington. responding to a lot of pressure, diana. >> the rising number of blink wenses among fha-backed loans are increasing pressure on the government loan insurer to shore up and that's precisely what it's doing today. the fha will raise its up-front insurance premium from 1.75% of the loan to 2.25%. that's the second time it's raised that premium in two years. most borrowers roll that cost into the loan. next, it will ask congress for the authority to increase the maximum premium and then to down payments. the fha requires a minimum 3.5% down payment which is why it's currently more popular, most lenders are requiring 20% down. the fha will continue that for borrowers with at least a 580 fico score, but for those lower than that they will require 10% down. the fha is reducing the amount of seller concessions and how much a seller can kick in on the home sale from 6% to 3%. that actually brings it more in line with the industry standard. finally, the fha is doing even more to increase enforcement on fha lenders. some of which are showing far more delin
Jan 28, 2010 12:00pm EST
they are putting their plans together -- >> so washington is also a problem? >> absolutely. you know, the city union address, it doesn't say a lot to -- for our country that we are hitting a reset button. >> but jj, the last time you were on, you were advocating basically a more safe portfolio. >> absolutely. >> you have now not committed, as i understand it commitments to equity test, raised cash levels, shorten up maturities? what should the individual investors be doing in this market environment? >> the investor should look for, as best as he possibly can, to maintain income coming in for himself, especially the baby boomers retired, very high credit quality, he is going to take a hit on some of those yields by getting out of the long-termer corporates, shortening up, getting higher quality, taking his high-yield portfolio, shortening it up, getting bang for the dollar. >> interested in spreefring your capital rather than reaching for yield? >> absolutely. and even in the equity side of the portfolios we are in, we are looking at long/short investing. the exposure to stocks but volatility
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 5:00pm EST
their notice -- have you noticed things in washington are wrong -- they may be relied to set them to rights. these guys were genius. you noticed, you informed yourself. and now we have real hope. because the tide is turning. but remember what i told you yesterday. this is not about ordinary democrats and republicans. this is about progressives. this election is like the shot that is going to be heard around the world. losing ted kennedy seat to a republican. yeah, going to trigger a revolution or a civil war in the democratic party. it's progressives versus democrats. it's blue versus gray. and this is a war that i think could become dangerous. hopefully not. but i have to ask you this. i mean doesn't it feel like now is a time that the obama regime is in collapse? the most dangerous time in any regime especially a revolutionary regime is when it is on the verge of collapse. a regime with revolutionaries in it, it's trouble. the democratic party is collapsing. it's either going to have to renew itself, or it is going to collapse. it's chock full of revolutionaries. let me show you why the p
Jan 6, 2010 5:00pm EST
out. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington leading off tonight. no country for old men. politics has become one tough business these days especially for those who have to defend the way things are in this country. in just the past 24 hours three top democrats have decided to quit the business and not run for re-election. senator chris dodd in connecticut, senator byron dorgan in north dakota and governor bill ritter in colorado. while democrats can argue that dodd's quitting improves chances in connecticut, no amount of spin can wash away the obvious conclusion. these democrats have looked at the electoral landscape and would prefer to retire than lose. the implications are human. we'll get to them at the top of the show. republicans are shocked that president obama opted for a criminal trial in federal court for the christmas day bomber even though that is exactly what the bush administration did with the so-called shoe bomber richard reed. where does the hypocrisy end? >>> what is going on with u.s. intelligence? twice in the last few weeks int
Jan 7, 2010 12:00pm EST
in a bit. >>> i'm john harwood on capitol hill in washington. everybody knows democrats for trouble. i sat down today with a house democratic leader denny hoyer. he said they need to see through obama's agenda and turn the long-term deficit reduction and you want the wealth toe participate. >> i'm julia boorstin at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. i'll talk to the ceo of tivo about his game-changing technology about the winners and losers at ces. >> the market's getting more clues that job losses are easing with the labor department report. the number of people claiming unemployment benefits for the first time rose slightly last week, but the rise was less than expected. this after two weeks of sharp drops. initial claims for jobless benefits rose by 1,000 to 434,000, lower than the 447,000 that analyst his expected. >> let's get to the market action. stocks paring some of their losses. consumer discretionary shares are on the rise. boeing, mcdonald's among the leaders. brian shactman is at the new york stock exchange for us. brian? >> interesting. jobless claims and a mixture o
Jan 21, 2010 12:00pm EST
to washington to do. so there are a lot of politics involved here, of course, but there's a lot of policy as well. they're saying what we're doing is trying to separate out some of these risky activities that helped to cause the financial armageddon in the first place, and also because we're seeing some of these banks taking advantage of this safety net, they call it, to make propretear trades and huge profits. >> john, can they be done just with the s.e.c. and fdic bureaucracy, or does it have to be done with congressional thor asian some. >> what's been moving through the house has permissive regulation, saying regulators can take extents to limit risk. what the administration is doing is saying, whether or not it's feld out in the financial regulation legislation, which has not moved through the senate yet, here's how we're going to use that authority and here's how we're going to reg lay. i agree with eamon on the politics, and that politics has all the more reason for the administration to push because of the massachusetts results. on the other hand, paul volcker has been the head of
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
returns to washington, there are upped concerns about terrorism and homeland security after the christmas day foiled bomb plot. jim acosta following all that for us live in washington. so a bit of a reset as the president heads back to the white house. >> reporter: that's right, kiran. after all that controversy following homeland security secretary janet napolitano that security worked, the administration is putting a different face on what they call the war on al qaeda. john brennan had plenty to say from yemen to dick cheney to osama bin laden. >> all those involved in the attempted act on trirm on christmas must know you, too, will be held to account. >> reporter: president obama is starting 2010 confronting a cold reality. al qaeda has established a new strong hold in yemen where the white house now believes trichlts plotted with umar farouk abdulmutallab to blow up flight 253 on christmas day. nearly a decade after the bombing of the "uss cole," the embassy was closed. the emerging threat comes as the president and his security team will meet tomorrow on how to plug homes in aviatio
Jan 12, 2010 11:00am EST
pearson at the fdic in washington with the details. hampton, what are they deciding? >> well, larry, just within the hour the fdic board has approved from its staff a notice of advanced proposed rule make in essence to you were talking about. tie, if you will, the premiums that banks are assessed when they pay for their fdi insurance to their compensation structure. in a nutshell, in essence, the riskier the compensation structure, potentially the higher the insurance fees. now this is a controversial proposal even among fdic board members. they had a split vote even to go ahead with just what is now a very sensitive proposal upon. . >> as deposit insurer responsible for managing the sources of the deposit insurance fund, this type of risk valuation is central to our mission and purpose. >> we are there with clearly-identified problems and i think we need to have direct examination and supervision as the federal reserve board process provides and congressional process plainly contemplates. only if that is inadequate should we consider other measures. >> now, here is what the key elements
Jan 28, 2010 3:00pm EST
a live picture of the debate that's happening in washington. right now we're keeping a tal leave the votes. last we saw 51 yes, 23 nos. that's according to reuters who is keeping tabs and we've got steve liesman coming up as well. >> meanwhile, maria bartiromo is in davos, switzerland, for the world economic forum. she'll be talking to some of the most influential economic minds in the world including blackstone chairman and ceo, steve schwarzman but first let's take a look at where the major indices are trading and it has been another poor day today. apart from yesterday, of course typically in this last hour, we have seen selling come in right in this final 60 minutes of trade. for the most the dow jones industrial average is down. at the nasdaq we've there a bad day for technology today on qualcomm, on motorola, disappointment on apple and i just want to talk about the levels on the s&p. importantly today we broke obvious support at 1085. we based that -- that was the base that we had, established over six weeks at the end of last year. we gap lower to 1078 and now coming back
Jan 12, 2010 2:00pm EST
. >> the fdic looking into wall street's compensation practices. a board meeting held in washington today to look at whether the charge -- whether to charge higher deposit insurance premiums on banks that don't pay bonuses presented only nightly in long-term stock or don't include clawbacks provision. >> they are looking at a lot of different options. special commission created is holding its first hearing tomorrow. >> the bipartisan financial crisis inquiry commission has ten members, six chosen by the congressional majority, that's the democrats, and four chosen by the republicans. scheduled to testify tomorrow, top executives from goldman sachs, morgan stanley, bank of america. joining us now with more on the financial crisis commission and what it hopes to accomplish is "washington post" financial reporter david cho. david, it seems like this is going to be a beating on capitol hill like was endured by the auto executives. is that when we are in for here? >> the commission is not intending overall to beat up on wall street executives. they are trying to unearth the causes of crisis. j
Dec 31, 2009 7:00pm EST
appraiser don boucher has tracked areas in the distant suburbs of washington, d.c. and seen large numbers of foreclosures. but few of those properties have gone up for sale. he says this shadow inventory could trip up hard-hit neighborhoods that appeared to be stabilizing. >> there's all this shadow foreclosure inventory out there and it hasn't come on the market yet. if at some point in time, the lenders do put that inventory back into the market, then those price bumps, are just going to go back down till the additional inventory is absorbed. it's the classic supply and demand situation. >> reporter: many economists believe it could take a couple of years before the supply demand balance returns to normal for the housing market. for 2010, that means another tough year for sellers and a good year for bargain hunters. stephanie dhue, "nightly business report," washington. >> paul: with the housing market likely to remain under pressure, construction jobs-- both residential and commercial-- will still be hard to find in the coming year. the construction industry has lost over 1.5 million p
Jan 8, 2010 4:00pm EST
to have a very undisciplined approach coming out of washington with regard to fiscal policy. with no road map back to sustainable fiscal balances over the intermediate term causing fears in the markets like you see somewhat today in terms of gold, in terms of the dollar, in terms of long treasuries. secondly, you could have a geopolitical event that would restrict world oil supplies with the issues going on in iran today. i would put the probability of both of those events as being relatively low and wouldn't expect those to happen but those would be the two primary risks that i wouldy. >> all right, gentlemen, great conversation. appreciate it. see you soon. thanks very much. thank you so much. take a look at some of the other business headlines that we're covering this afternoon and kick it off with white house press secretary robert gibbs telling reporters today that president obama still has confidence in treasury secretary timothy geithner. this is as house oversight committee towns says whether the fed improperly influenced aig to hold details from the public about houtfederal bailo
Jan 12, 2010 6:00pm EST
of lending in the normal course of business. i say, argh! remember my mantra. if washington helps stocks go up, i'm on board. but if washington kills one of the rolling bull markets and the one we had in banks was pretty rolling, we're going to get mr. t's forecast, shylock's plea in the merchant of wall street and super bear is going to cause us to get hammered. but let's not -- but let's not become too crazy here. this market needed a breather. it needed an excuse. and washington provided a terrific pretext. because obviously the banks weren't the only losers today. all that red hot material stock smoking. sizzling, as i like to say it. the coppers, the steels, the mighty equipment players. they all got crushed! in part because of fears about china. the source of most of the demand for the stuff. people think it might cool off. now, adding a reasonable pullback in oil, a decline in the smoking agricultural sector courtesy of a big selloff of corn, and the jackhammering all makes sense. i'm bringing out every big gun tonight. nevertheless, to quote those buffett like sages, the spice girls
Jan 21, 2010 11:00am EST
regulation was going to take a larger part of the washington agenda in 2010, as the congress and the president moved on from the issue that is occupied 2009, and this flows with the wave of concern that average people expressed in massachusetts about washington and about the size of big business and big government. so what you see is the administration trying to identify what it considers a responsible way to limit the size. you have paul volcker having talked for some time, like alan greenspan, about the need to reduce the size of too big to fail institutions, as greenspan says, too big to fail, that means it's too big. they'll allowance limits on the liabilities that individual institutions can control and try to ban proprietary trading by institutions to the extent that they benefit from the federal deposit guarantee. the ideas if they bet with john and melissa's money, that's fine, and you can lose as much of that as you want, but if you're betting with the federally insured deposits, that is the proxy for systemic risk. >> john, can i just say sometimes you can learn the
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